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The announcement was made just the other day, is Back!

The Twitter feed is back too.

The plan is to keep the blog ‘back’ as well – and to tie it into our twitter to do a better job of keeping you, our fans, up to date.

Lots of people following the twitter and keeping in touch with us there; Apparently that “Legend” I gave a shout out a few months back, is still doing crazy shows in the library.

We’ll see if we can find a way to get her to Pose for – In fact, How would you like to see YOUR favorite women in a photo shoot for our website? Send them to our Model Application – If they are in Los Angeles – and have  Booty and Feet to show off.

No, ‘any feet’ will not do.

We do celebrate different body shapes here – and different booty shapes too.

The ass is a beautiful work of art.

Some, more cheeky than others – sexy in so many ways.

Thanks again for visiting us – chime in below! is BACK in Business!

Not that we ever went “out” of business but …

We are Back!


As per the ‘much needed updates and announcements’ post from earlier today, the much anticipated RETURN of has arrived!

With our NEW billing processor, Zombaio.

Quick story for those who care – We initially set up an account with them about 3 years ago. At the time, CCBill would not process VISA unless we forked over $750 to process our application; We wanted a more affordable way to accept VISA and backed into Zombaio. They’ve been around for a while, and that’s always a good sign. But life gets in the way for some of us and that is what happened to us here. We had some staff issues, and while that was going on, we ran into some funding Issues.

Then while on haitus, CCBill dropped another nail into our coffin … by requiring $750 to process Mastercard too.

That being said, our site was not being updated with Regular Content anyways – So it was just a sign that if we came back, it would have to be with a new processor (which we have had in the back pocket all this time.)

That’s what just happened.

We are back, and NOW we’re taking both VISA and Mastercard – and we have a BUNCH of unreleased content that will start to make its way into our Members Section Week by Week – Along with Even MORE surprises and BONUSES for our members – including a Chat Room – and Plans to start Holding LIVE SHOWS with our Models (For members only) – Oh The JOY! The Plans we have are BIG – and ONCE everything is rolled out, our site will become a much more attractive place for our Affiliates – The Partnership Program we’ve always wanted to create is coming – NEW models are coming – Get excited – and Feel free to GET signed up NOW as a MEMBER to see what is already on our server, and to watch all the new stuff ROLL out!

Thank you for your patience everyone – Please check out some of our “blasts from the pasts” Below!

Much needed updates and announcements

Still here – still alive and kicking, and planning on re-opening very soon.

Ccbill made some changes which really and truly meant seeking a new processor – which ultimately will be better for us and our affiliates – as we’ll be able to accept Visa as well as Mastercard.

So it’s true when one door closes, another one opens….

and speaking of our Affiliates; We’ve really never offered you the kind of program we’ve always wanted to offer you.

But soon, all of that will change.

Thanks to all who continue to share the content from our site – and all who send us nice well wishes; We are coming with something special, just for all of you!

Huge Announcment About Our Affiliate Program

Get YOUR affiliate account with us RIGHT now — We have a HUGE and EXCITING update for all Current and Future Affiliates!

Happy new Year!! it’s 2013 and WE are Officially Back

and yes… we know this happened last year around this time but timing was not right.

Now the timing is and here’s why ….

Naturally Our motivation to deliver a website that focuses the lens on the beauty of bare feet and booty, was not Only because We Love Bare Feet and Booty, but also because we wanted to earn some spending cash… ya know, to pay some bills, but also to spend on MORE models, and MORE girls to deliver MORE Bare FEET … and MORE Bare Ass to you, our loyal and dedicated fans………

While our site has been in occasional update mode, several of you have become Affiliates, and we’ve had literally NO real Marketing Material to help OUR affiliates spread the word about us, to all our Fans who have not Heard of us; Which in turn would help our website generate more money, to Bring you MORE booty and feet!!!

We knew this a year ago…

We knew that the RIGHT thing to do was to create an Affiliate Members Area that is Full of everything you will need to be successful as an affiliate; because if you are making money, you’re going to remain Motivated – SO – coming VERY Soon —- One of the BEST Affiliate Members Areas you’ve Ever seen; We’ve got a couple other Websites bundled in; and we are negotiating with a few more – You will get your hands on AWESOME Galleries that will CONVERT visitors into Paying Members; as we prepare to kick things up a NOTCH here in 2013 and beyond!!!

SIGN UP as an Affiliate NOW!

Kordelia Devonshire’s Juicy Booty

This set is worth enjoying … previously unreleased, from our Shoot with the awesome Kordelia Devonshire – NEW set up in the Members AreaJOIN now if you’re not a member already.

Check out these Samples

And you’ll see much more Inside, including over 300 MORE images of Kordelia Devonshire, showing off her Booty and Feet!